🚨GOVERNMENTS ARE LYING🚨 In The Face Of Documented And Irrefutable Proof Of The Global Depopulation Agenda And Organised Genocide Of The Global Population!! – Australian Senator Alex Antic

Also See: 🚨GOVERNMENTS ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE!🚨 A Recent Report From Australia’s TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) And Their British Equivalent The MHRA) That Was Only Made Available By A Freedom Of Information Request; States: That In January 2021 The Toxic Lipid Nanoparticle In The Covid 19 Vaccine Would Be Widely Distributed All Around The Human Body!! That The Toxic Spike Protein Contained Within The Toxic Lipid Nanoparticles Would Go Directly To Brains, Hearts, Livers, Ovaries, Tsetse. This Was Known To Anyone In Global Government Health Departments, They Went Right Ahead And Distributed It Anyway!! (The TGA Report Exposing Pfizer And Others Is Attached To This Post) https://wp.me/p19seq-fyY