🚨HOW CAN WE FIGHT BACK?🚨 Where Do YOU🫵 Draw Your Line?

Gareth Icke Is On Target!! If Humanity Does Not Take A Stand NOW We Will Have No Future!! Humanity Has Been Mercilessly Propagandised And Lied To For Many Decades By A Globalist Cabal Hell Bent On Destroying ALL Of Our Rights And Freedoms And Enslaving The Entirety Of Humanity! The Sad Truth Is……..ALL WE HAVE TO DO TO END THIS NIGHTMARE IS TO REFUSE TO COMPLY!! But Clearly Many Of Us Cannot Be Bothered!

It’s In Your Face Censorship And Control FAKEBOOK Issued This Restriction On My Account, I’m Surprised It Took Them This Long……….. When Speaking The Truth Is Silenced…………Facebook, Where The Truth Goes To DIE!!