🚨PROOF All SO CALLED VACCINES ARE MAN MADE PATHOGENS🚨 Used For Population Control – And This Gene Therapy Spike Protein Covid Shot Is Particularly Lethal!! This Is Why Excess Millions Are Dying – 2.5 Million Excess Deaths Are Occurring Every Month In America!! The Depopulation/Genocide Agenda Is Underway!! – Dr David Martin

Also See: 🚨BREAKING BOMBSHELL NEWS🚨 🚨CANCER RATES EXPLODE🚨 From MRNA Vaxx – Irrefutable Proof Of A Global Government Decision To Cull Humanity – Dr David Martin!! https://wp.me/p19seq-f8N

Vaccines Are An Abomination And Have Never Contributed To The Eradication Of Any Disease

Vaccines Are An Abomination And Have Never Contributed To The Eradication Of Any Disease

The Government Health Department Cover Up Is Blatant And Disgusting. Several Senators Are Fighting For An End To This Genocide, Yes Genocide!! Despite Global Freedom Of Information Requests, Not ONE Sample Of This Hoax Virus Can Be produced ANYWHERE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!! People Such As Dr David Martin Has Produced Irrefutable Proof That Covid Is A Hoax!!

There Is No Pandemic, There Never Was. This Is A Global Assault To Capture The Very Soul Of Humanity. The Cabal Have Invented This Pandemic To Destroy The Global Economy In Order To Usher In A Global New World Order Orwellian Nightmare Of Control, And They Are Well On Their Way To Succeeding.  Between The Continuous Lies And Propaganda Of The Mouthpiece Of The Cabal The Mainstream Media, And Covid19 BS Shoved In The Worlds Face, And Cognitive Dissonance, Normalcy Bias Of The Public, Humanity Is In Real Trouble. Even My Own Family Have Turned Their Backs On Me Due To The Lies And Propaganda That Have Been Force Fed To Humanity For Decades – Via The Lamestream Media And The Public Education/Indoctrination System Where We Are Taught WHAT To Think, Not HOW To Think……… ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Health Bureaucrats At ATAGI Gave Wrong Advice – Senator Rennick

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