🚨Dear Creator, KILL ME NOW!!🚨

How Much Longer Are We Going To Tolerate This Damn Blatant Insanity????

One thought on “🚨Dear Creator, KILL ME NOW!!🚨

  1. This is ridiculous we do not need to define what a woman is and we do not need to have to guess what someone is identifying as that is a nonsense we should not be expected to endure . if you were born with male gender you will grow into a man and I will rightly I will identify you as a man because that is what you are and even if you get surgery and dress like a woman it still means that you are a man pretending to be a woman. I should not have to care what your damned pronouns are because a band of nutters decided to twist and pervert things to suit an agenda. Why should we have this perversion rammed down our throats by politicians teachers and the deluded – gender is not and should not be a fashion. You are born with female gender and you grow into a woman – lessen over you idiots!


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