🚨AND SO THE BLAME GAME BEGINS🚨 In Australia’s Medical Circus……BUT WAIT……While Making Governments Agencies Liable For The Deaths Of Millions Due To The Pathogen Fake Vaccine And Allowing Doctors To Sue Government Bodies For Death And Horrific Side Effects To Patients; Media Outlets Are Also Claiming That The Virus THAT DOESN’T EXIST Has Magically Become Real!! And China Of Course Is Responsible…….🤬OH, PLEASEEEEEE!!🤬

Also See: 🚨BREAKING BOMBSHELL🚨 U.S. Department Of Defence And Other Governments And Military Leaders (Not The Service Members) Around The World Are Conspiring To Genocide THE GLOBAL POPULATION!! Pfizer Pleads In Court That They Are Not Guilty, They State “We Delivered The Fraud That Global Governments Ordered!! – US Attorney Todd Callender https://wp.me/p19seq-f8y