🚨NO COVID DEATHS IN CHINA?🚨 NOT ONE!!! Confirmed By Chinese Government Chief Epidemiologist Dr Wu Zunyou, Who Cannot Be Located Since His Statement (Imagine My Surprise) So Why Are The Draconian Lockdowns Continuing? Because Covid Policy Is Not A Public Health Matter, Covid Has Not Only Been Proven To Be A Total Fraud, It Is A Policy Of SOCIAL CONTROL!!

Also See: 🚨GROUNDBREAKING TESTIMONY:🚨 Florida County Commissioners Return CDC Funds After CONFIRMING VAXX IS A BIOWEAPON!! https://wp.me/p19seq-fhh

Are You Ready To Take Your Self Respect Back? Or Are You Still Content To Lay At The Feet Of These Fascist Psychopaths Like A Cur Dog And Continue To Allow Them To Destroy Your Lives And Freedoms, And That Of Your Loved Ones??