🚨DIVERGENT THOUGHT BANNED🚨 Australia Has Banned Divergent Thought!! If You Dare To Challenge Government Policy You Will Be Reported To The Counter Terrorism Task Force!! – Additional Police Are Being Imported From Overseas To Enforce This Government Terrorism Against The People!! An Additional 500 Per Year For The Next Five Years!!

The Media’s Response To The Government Thought Crime Announcement Is Laughable😂😂. They State That Police Ranks Are Thinning And The Fascist Government Needs To Import More Psychopaths!! The Reason Police Ranks Are Thinning Is Due To Police Realising That They Are Employed By Government Psychopaths And They No Longer Wish To Comply With The Tyranny!!

Are You Ready To Take Your Self Respect Back? Or Are You Still Content To Lay At The Feet Of These Fascist Psychopaths Like A Cur Dog And Continue To Allow Them To Destroy Your Lives And Freedoms, And That Of Your Loved Ones??