🚨GLOBAL INVASION UPDATE🚨 Our Global Governments Couldn’t Find Their Ass In A Well Lit Room Using Both Hands!! They Are Not Capable Of Coordinating A Global Genocide, But A Highly Advanced Invading Force IS!! – Our Global Governments Have Been Captured By An Invading Draco Reptilian Species FACT!! But People Don’t Have The Guts To Face The Truth!!!

Also See: 🚨MANIPULATED🚨 Humanity Have Been Manipulated And Lied To From The Day We Are Born By A Corrupt CAPTURED Manipulating System! STAND UP – SPEAK OUT For Those Who Have Lost ALL HOPE And Cannot Stand Up Due To Being Disabled By The Bioweapon And Other LIES AND PROPAGANDA!! https://wp.me/p19seq-f7u

It’s SAD But TRUE That Most People Would Rather DIE Than Think Critically. Our Indoctrinating Public Education System Has Seen To That!! AND, Most People Don’t Care Much About Anything But Themselves!! If Humanity Doesn’t Stand Up And Refuse To Comply With Our Captured Governments Criminal Fascist Edicts…….Then We Are Done As A Species!! As David Icke Has Said On Numerous Occasions, ‘THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE, ALL TYRANNIES HAVE BEEN ENDED BY THE PEOPLE REFUSING TO COMPLY!!


On March 13th 1997 Our World Was Invaded By A Hostile Alien Force!! And They Have Invaded Again And Are Currently In Control Of Our Governments!! The Video Below Was Made Possible Due To The Brave Men And Women Of The Secret Space Program Alliance Intelligence Service Championing The Peoples Right To Know The Truth!!

Dr Steven Greer Speaks On Extraterrestrial Invasion And Visitation And The Technology Cover Up And Underground Bases.

Draco Reptilians Have Powerful Telepathic Mind Manipulating Abilities And They Can Appear As Human! The Draco Are An AI Species That Maintain Themselves Via The Nanites That Inhabit Their Bodies. The Draco Reptilian Below Is Seen In A Rare Video Just As It Was About To Morph Back Into It’s Own Form!! The Draco Plan Has Begun to Unfold. They Intend To Remove All Organic Life On Our Earth. This Culling Of Humanity Has Already Begun By Means Of A Hoax Pandemic And A Pathogen Vaccine Posing As A Cure. This Fake Vaccine Has Already Caused A Serious Decline In Human Birth Rate, And Has Caused The Death Of Millions!

I Realise That Many Of You Will Not Believe What Is Said In This Post, And That Is because Humanity Has Been Manipulated By The Dracos For Over Six Thousand Years! William Tompkins NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer And Secret Space Program Disseminator And Corey Good Secret Space Program Participant Explain………

*NOTE* The Information That People Receive Forms Their Perception Of Reality And This Forms Their Belief System. If You Only Receive Your Information From The Mainstream Media Who Are Owned By The Fascist Governments You Have Received Propaganda And Lies, And So Your Belief System Is FALSE!!

The Public Education System Is In Fact A Government Indoctrination System, Where They Teach You WHAT To Think, Not HOW To Think!! Our Fascist Captured Governments Want To Divide Humanity, That Is One of the Reasons The Hoax Pandemic Was Launched. Another Reason Was To Usher In An Orwellian Nightmare Control System To Aid The Draco Planetary Takeover Of Humanity. The Draco Plan To Genocide At Least Three Quarters Of The Human Population, Using The Pathogen Fake Vaccine, ( See:🚨Experts Estimate 20 Million Are Already Dead🚨 Due To COVID Pathogen Hoax Vaccination And Over 2 Billion Injured ☠️Who WILL Die☠️ From Complications Within 5 Years After Receiving The Shot!! – People Will Start Dying After COVID Vaccine!! – Professor Dolores Cahill. https://wp.me/p19seq-e85 )And Then Enslave The Remaining Population.

William Tompkins Naval Intelligence Officer And Secret Space Program Disseminator Gives A Final Warning Just Prior To His Recent Passing!

My Father Was Involved In The Secret Space Program Alliance , And Just After He Passed On To His New Life I Became Involved Due My Employment In The Intelligence Community. The First Part Of The Draco Plan To Divide And Conquer Humanity Has Affected Million’s Of People, Because Of Their Indoctrination By Media, The Public Education, Indoctrination System And fascist Governments Propaganda Directed By The Draco. All Of My Children Have Turned Against Me Because Of The Lies That They Have Come To Believe.

For Many Years, Especially The Last Three, I Have Been Posting Irrefutable Proof Of The Fake Pandemic And Other Truths. Humanity Is In A Fight For It’s Very Existence Against An Evil That Is Barely Imaginable. All We Have To Do To WinThis War Is Apply Critical Thinking And Refuse To Comply With The Fascist Tyranny And This Nightmare Will End!

Are You Ready To Take Your Self Respect Back? Or Are You Still Content To Lay At The Feet Of These Fascist Psychopaths Like A Cur Dog And Continue To Allow Them To Destroy Your Freedoms, And That Of Your Loved Ones??