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One Simple Action If Taken Will End This Tyrannical Genocide………We Are Many They Are Few. REFUSE TO COMPLY AND THE NIGHTMARE ENDS!! The UK And Other Fascist Governments Are Poised To Launch ANOTHER Massive Vaccination Campaign! WHY ? Because MANY People Have Woken Up To The Fact That VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST! And That The So Called Vaccine Is A Pathogen Being Used For Population Control! Some Psychopathic Moron Has Decided That There Are Too Many People On Earth?These Fascist Morons Are Culling Our World?? When In Fact The Entire Population Of the Planet Could live Comfortably In A Space the Size Of Texas! See: 🚨Let Me Be Really Clear🚨….The Emperor Has No Damn Corona! Why? Because Viruses DO NOT EXIST PROVABLE FACT! https://wp.me/p19seq-ep5

The PCR Test Is Labelled NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES!! DR. TOM COWAN & KARY MULLIS [Test Inventor] This Is The Test That Fascist Governments Use To Establish The Presence Of Their Computer Generated Hoax Virus!

URGENT HEALTH WARNING: TOP ‘MEDICAL OFFICIALS’ ISSUE WARNING AGAINST WEARING A MASK – Dr Kelly Victory Trauma And Emergency Physician With A Specialty In Disaster Preparedness And Response And The Management Of Mass Casualty Events Explains : The CDC The WHO And The New England Journal Of Medicine Admit That Wearing A Mask And Social Distancing Has No Scientific Justification And Causes Irreparable Brain Damage And Lung Cancer.