🚨GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE NUREMBERG CODE🚨And The Penalty Is 99 Years Imprisonment!! – Dr David Martin

Also See: 🚨 THE FLU IS NOT CONTAGIOUS🚨 (10. JANUARY 1919) CDC.GOV Health Report!! https://wp.me/p19seq-eRP

Yes, I Realise Dr Martin Is Referring To The US Constitution, However, The Nuremberg Code Is A Global Human Rights Law!!

Section 1. Of The Nuremberg Code States…..

Section 5. States………

Millions Have Died From This Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine. Thousands Of Doctors And Scientists Have Attested To This!!

World Governments Have Been Unable To Provide Even One Sample Of This So Called Covid Virus When Requested Under Freedom Of Information Act Laws?? And This Is WHY!!

THEY WERE PROUD TO BE VACCINATED…Now They Are Just Another Statistic  In The VAERS Vaccine Death And Injury Reporting System. PLEASE SHARE!