Also See: 🚨YOU WERE NEVER BORN AND YOU NEVER DIE🚨The Indoctrination And Manipulation Of Humanity!! Or Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So!! (Please Don’t Kill The Messenger!) https://wp.me/p19seq-eO1

The Reason Humanity Is Experiencing HORRIFIC Sudden Death, And APPALLING Side Effects From These MRNA DNA Altering So Called Vaccines Is Because We, Humanity, Have Been Targeted By A Criminal Corporate Cabal That Has Captured Our Governments And Are Culling The Global Population With A Pathogen Posing As A Cure For A Virus That Does Not Exist!! Why??? Because These Psychopaths Actually Believe That There Are Too Many People??? And there is Also A More Sinister Reason, See The Highlighted Post Above.

See: ‘You Were Never Born And You Never Die’ (Above)!! Oh, And It Really Doesn’t Help That 95% Of Humanity Blindly Follow Authorities Instructions And Just Don’t Give A Damn In General!!