🚨BILL GATES PLANNING ‘CATASTROPHIC CONTAGION’🚨 THAT KILLS ‘MILLIONS OF CHILDREN’ The Mainstream Media Will Shamelessly Serve As Handmaidens For The Elites As They Have Done Previously, Promoting The Lies And Propaganda!!

🚨MILITARY WHISTLEBLOWERS WARNING🚨The Globalist Cabal Plan Leaked To Whistleblower Mortician John O’Looney! FAKE UN TROOPS In The Military Uniform Of The Country They Plan To Forcefully Inject The Hoax Covid Pathogen Into, Are Being Recruited From Pools Of Global Refugees, And Paid $5000 Per Week By George Soros To Commit This Heinous Forced Pathogen Injection Act GLOBALLY !! – This Is Already Law And Being Enforced In The State Of Western Australia. 🚨THIS IS AN ACTUAL CONSPIRACY – NOT A THEORY🚨 (please share widely) https://wp.me/p19seq-eIF

LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mXWJuKUwcBVB/