🚨Governments Lack Even A Shred Of Humanity🚨 WHEN??? Will Humanity Stand Up And Together Against These Fascist Criminals Who Have Murdered Millions Of People With Their Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine!! Provable Fact!!!

“It’s Called Giving A Shit Bitches!!” (As my friend likes to put it.) “Maybe If You Give A Shit About Someone, It’s Highly Likely That Someone Will Give A Shit About You!!”

Also See: 🚨THE COVID MRNA JAB IS NOT A VACCINE:🚨 IT IS A DEADLY PATHOGEN CREATOR – MORE EXPERTS EXPOSE THIS TRUTH!! Dr David Martin – Robert F Kennedy Jr – Dr Judy Mikovits!! https://wp.me/p19seq-e7G

Families have been torn apart, friends have abandoned lifelong friendships, thousands, if not millions have suicided, and millions have descended into poverty because of the lies of Governments posing as our saviour while blatantly committing murder. Humanity has massively failed to realise that the family members that they are rejecting are the same people that they shared loving relationships with for decades. These courageous people that many of you have cast aside and vilified were the ones that could see through the lies and propaganda and were warning their loved ones and others that something very evil was transpiring in our world that had been log planned!! End this evil NOW!!, embrace your family members and reject the lies and propaganda. The perpetrators are being purged as I send this post!!