🚨Government When Devoid Of Compassion And Empathy And Humanity Without Honest Leadership, When Left To Their Own Devices, Will Destroy Everything!🚨

Also See: 🚨THE ENTIRE WORLD IS Fast Becoming Programmed Brainwashed Sheep Controlled By Fascist Dictatorships!🚨 – Humanity Is Poised To Cross The Rubicon Into A Total Global Fascist State If We Don’t Refuse To Comply With The Current Tyranny NOW!! – David Icke https://wp.me/p19seq-eEq

WHY Does The Mass Of Humanity ALWAYS Wait For Someone Else To Speak Out Against An Egregious Tyranny Or Tyrannical Government??? The Following Blatant Threat Was Voiced By The Whitehouse Press Secretary, Because Governments No Longer Care If We The People Are Aware Of The Tyrannical Agendas!! As They Are Know That Most Of Humanity Will Always Wait For Someone Else To Fix Their Problems! Most Of Humanity Hasn’t Worked Out Yet That What Ends All Tyrannies Is When The People REFUSE TO COMPLY WITH EVIL!!