🚨The Next Human Extinction Event🚨 Due To Most Of Humanities Apathy, I Don’t Want To Know About This Attitude, Waiting For Someone To Save Them, I’m Just Little Me, What Can I Possibly Do? Someone Else Will Take Care Of This, Hey!!! You Are That Someone Else!! YOU, Are An Immortal Spiritual Being, Everything That’s Has Been Or Ever Will Be, Infinite Awareness And Consciousness Having A Human Experience! David Icke And Others Have Shown YOU This!!

Also See: 🚨“BOMBSHELL”🚨 Viruses Are Nothing More Than Dead Cell Debris – Virus Particles Are Neither Airborne Or Contagious – Nor Do They Cause Any Disease Or Illness! All Germ Theory Has Been Completely Debunked! THE GOVERNMENT CLAIM THAT VIRUSES CAUSE PANDEMICS IS A GIANT HOAX!! https://wp.me/p19seq-aLC

What Can You Do!! FIRST, You Have To STOP Living In FEAR!! Then, Refuse To Comply With The Current Genocide And Tyranny That’s What You Can Do! There Are Eight Billion Of Us, Immortal Spiritual Beings, And A Few Hundred Of These Draco Reptilians! Forget EVERYTHING You Have Been Programmed To Believe! Our Public Education System Is A INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM.

William Tompkins, NASA Section Chief, Naval Intelligence Officer, Secret Space Program Disseminator, Issues A Final Warning To Humanity Just Before His Recent Passing.

Jordan Sather Who Conducted William Tompkins Final Interview Before His Passing Exposes More Of Humanities Manipulation!

All Of Humanity Is In A Spiritual And Physical War For Our Very Existence! ALL Of Our Governments Have Been Physically Captured And Are Being Manipulated By An Unseen Force That Has Been Manipulating Humanity For Over Six Thousand Years. This Force Of Draco Reptilians Invaded On March 13th 1997 Unbeknownst To Most Of Humanity! And Now They Have Returned And Are In Control Of ALL Earths Governments.

David Icke Has Been Warning Humanity For Over Thirty Years About The Sabbatian Cult And The Draco Manipulation Of Humanity And Every Thing He Has Warned About Has Come To Pass! And This Is How He Is Treated?

Why Have The Entire EU Banned David Icke? | Hear David’s Reaction

We Are All Immortal Spiritual Beings, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! And The Devine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us. There Is NO Death, Our Bodies Have A Cycle, When We Leave Our Bodies We Begin Our New Life, There Is No Judgement No Sin, No Heaven No Hell, They Are Manufactured Lies To Keep Us Living In Fear!! 

When We Leave Our Bodies A Choice Is Provided To Us Of What Our Next Life Will Be, Many People Who Have Left This Life Temporarily, Been Pronounced Clinically Dead And Then Have Been Resuscitated Have Confirmed This. We Are All A Part Of The True Creator Who Is A Pure Energy Of Unconditional Loving Consciousness. Fake Religions Are A Manipulating Control Systems That Promote Fear, They Want Us To Be God Fearing?? 

Why Would You Fear A Loving God That Created You With Unconditional Love? The Bible Was Written By The Catholic Church Not By God, And Just Recently A 1500 Year Old Bible Was Found That has Been Authenticated By The Catholic Church Authorities. It Contains The Gospel Of Barnabas And States That Jesus Is Not The Son Of God, Nor Was He Crucified. But As All Men ARE. He Was ‘A SON OF GOD!!’  And He Was A Prophet!! Here Is A Link To The Story:  https://youtu.be/hxFlpYLFGzk  No One Is Coming To Save Us, Least Of All These Fascist Pedophile Politicians. 

All Religion Was Created To Keep Humanity On Its Knees In Prayer To A False God That Requires You Live In Fear Of His False Wrath! We Were Created With The Power To Save Ourselves!  The Devine Power Of Our Creator Resides In All Of Us!! ”Unconditional Love Is The Only True Reality Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion.”