🚨Weather Wars🚨Governments Are Artificially Changing The Climate! Climate Terrorism Lockdowns Coming Soon! 

 Also See: Weather Wars: The Covid Hoax Has been Fully Exposed – Now They’re Coming At Us With Climate By Attempting To Drown Us, And Destroy Our Farmlands And Crops!! Psychopathic Bastards! https://wp.me/p19seq-cta

On Sunday September 18th Several Weather Manipulated Typhoons Caused Havoc In Puerto Rico Causing Mass Evacuations

At The Same Time In Japan Another Weather Manipulated Typhoon Caused Mass Devastation In Japan. For Some Time It Was Feared That The Entire Island Would Be Lost!!

October 18th 2022: Philippines turned into a sea of destruction! flood, big waves, cyclone nesat hits Cagayan

Urgent Warning Alert: Weather Wars Australia Engineering The East Coast Weather. Australia Is The Testing Zone, Tomorrow The World. This Is Not A Theory See The Documented Proof Below. (See Documented Proof On The World Economic Forum Website! )

As the brave lady said, even those that are awake are not willing to stand up and say NO to the fascist dictates of our criminal corporate captured governments. this nightmare could end almost overnight and assistants rendered by our extraterrestrial brothers, and all we have to do is say No to these tyrants. See: https://wp.me/p19seq-cAn