🚨Government Lies And Coverups Exposed🚨 – INVASION EARTH: On March 13th 1997 Our World Was Invaded By A Hostile Alien Force!! And They Have Invaded Again And Are Currently In Control Of Our Governments!!

Do You Really Believe That The Fake Covid Pathogen MRNA Vaccine Altering Your DNA Is Just A Coincidence? When You Watch This Video Take Note Of The Names Of The Airforce Officers, These Are Real People NOT ACTORS, Relating A REAL Truth. Do Your own Research, And Then Ask Yourself Why You Aren’t Refusing To Comply With This Unimaginable Evil?

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The Video Below Was Made Possible Due To The Brave Men And Women Of The Secret Space Program Alliance Intelligence Service Championing The Peoples Right To Know The Truth!!

The Infrared Video Below Was Taken From A Russian Military Helicopter Of An Attack By Draco Reptilians On A Russian Special Ops Soldier Who Became Separated From His Squad When He Accidentally Came To Close To A Draco Reptilian Underground Base. These Underground Bases Are Located In Every Country.

The Picture Below Is Of A Draco Reptilian Showing A Size Comparison Between A Secret Space Program Alliance Officer And The Reptilian. The Draco Have Very Powerful Psychic Mind Manipulating Ability And Have The Ability To Appear As Human To Other Species!

William Tompkins NASA Section Chief Naval Intelligence Officer And Secret Space Program Disseminator Gives A Final Warning Just Prior To His Recent Passing!