1. 🚨NUCLEAR WEAPONS DO NOT EXIST🚨 — Truth To Power – New Human New Earth Communities

  2. We mastered gravity in 1954. We have had a secret space program for the last 70 years. We have been working with a powerful extraterrestrial people from our future. My father was an officer in naval intelligence and he worked with our extraterrestrial family, who by the way, are us from our future. My son told me that he is not interested in my fanciful life??? People need to freaking get over themselves and realise that just because they haven’t had the privilege to experience what others have doesn’t give them the right to insult those who have. I am proud to serve in the SSP Alliance. No one is asking anyone to take up arms and go to war. All these slug heads that are sitting on their hands and waiting for someone to come and save them are being asked to I do…….. is say NO. and stop complying with their genocidal fascist government agenda. Geeez it ain’t bloody rocket 🚀 science.

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