🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨Bill Gates Arrested🚨 By German Military And Interpol And Faces Death Penalty For Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity! Human Trafficking And Forceable Confinement!!

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Link To Story In Vancouver Times: https://vancouvertimes.org/bill-gates-arrested-by-german-military-faces-death-penalty/

Bill Gates, billionaire and founder of Microsoft, has been arrested at one of his residences in Germany by the military on orders of Interpol. He is facing charges for crimes against humanity and genocide. Gates is facing a slew of additional charges due to what was found in his secret hideout.

Interpol has begun cracking down on the architects of the “plandemic,” a plan by shady globalists to orchestrate a fake pandemic, and use it as an excuse to impose communism, steal people’s liberties, then kill the disobedient ones.

Two underage girls were found in Gates’ lair, both bound in handcuffs, with bruises on their bodies. Due to their age, their identities will remain private. Gates is facing additional charges for human trafficking, forcible confinement, possession of marijuana and ecstasy, as well as possession of child pornography. 1,000s of images of underage girls and boys were found on Gates’ computers. He faces charges in both Germany and Holland.