4 thoughts on “🚨MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU🚨OR How To Identify Death From Covid!!

  1. Brilliant video – highly entertaining with a very succinct message no matter what is wrong with you they are going to stamp COVID on it. Love it. As for Tommy well said. People seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves. If you are well you do not need a test just get on with your life. Da! Masks just suffocate and spread germs and queueing up in the roasting heat for a test you don’t need because it does not diagnose anything or for a vaccine that does not protect you and which is clearly harmful is not too bright now is it? The complete insanity of this is off the scale – it is absolutely nuts and like Tommy says it is infuriating. When I want to say something is fake from now on I am going to say sounds COVID to me.


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