2 thoughts on “🚨UTOPIA: YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY🚨 – 🤬Like Hell!! 🤬

  1. It is UTOPIA for them and HELL ON EARTH FOR US. It is very simple to know what the truth is especially as they have told us in no uncertain terms what their goals are and agenda 21/30 is available for all to see and simple common sense can alert you to where these evil nutters want to take us and I have no intentions of going there period! People are selfish they are using their credit score ID to go places and are complying with everything – just looking out for number one as usual. Not truly understanding that your choices have consequences not just for yourself but for others and in this instance for all life forms on the planet. I am ashamed of my family they have all done this but I also know it is their right to choose. However when you comply with the dictates of tyranny; and this agenda is the mother father of Tyranny; you are betraying us all because this is a war and resistance is the best weapon we have to disempower them. You are either with us or against us because we must all resist on mass by your compliance you are choosing NWO hell on earth – your cosy life and choices gone forever; we are all dependent on each other in this war. Two thirds of the planets population must decide to say no to this tyranny and fight against it by resisting before this will go away. So think on what kind of future do you want for you kids and how soon do you want to be free from all this?! If you want this all to go away do not comply!


    • Yes, when people comply with tyranny the automatically drag the rest of us into a living hell. I know that many can see what is rapidly approaching and what complying will mean for the rest of humanity but they comply anyway. No one is asking them to go to I to war, or to physically assault anyone. All they have to do is say NO!! Minorities have always overthrown tyrants. People, millions have been murdered in this Global genocide. How many more families have to be torn apart and loved ones abandoned while they watch their families die in front of them?


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