🚨Confessions Of A Man In Black🚨 This Video Exposes The Globalist Cabals Final Solution For Humanity!!

Also See: 🚨Prison Planet Earth🚨 – The Indoctrination And Manipulation Of Global Humanity!! This Post Brings To Light A Discovery Of A 1500 Year Old Bible Recently Authenticated, That Contains The Gospel Of Barnabas That States Jesus Is NOT The Son Of God, And He Was Never Crucified. It Also States That Jesus Was A Prophet  https://wp.me/p19seq-d57

Note: Tom Keatings Body Was Found In An Abandoned Apartment – The Memoir That Contained The Incriminating Evidence Has Not Been Found To This Date. However, The Details Spoken Of In The Video That Tom Sent Me Have Been Spoken of By Dr Steven Greer And Others As Something That WILL Occur On The Same Dates As Given By Tom In The Video. Some Reenactment Has Been Used For Illustration Purposes!! Tom Keating Gave His Life So That Others Would Know The Truth And Be Aware Of The Threat To Humanity!


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  1. That is the true story in all it’s sickening glory – but hopefully we can be more ruthless and take down these people before they kill us all and restore the planet to the react opposite of their ideal as is Gods plan. We will have it teaming with 10 times more babies and all life forms. I would say that they are the ones who are out of control as most of them have been the so called movers and shakers who have chosen to rape and pillage the planet for their own self interest when they had the choice to do good. They have continuously benefited no one but themselves. Now they are blaming the victims of their secret agenda just like the scum they are. I notice that magic number coming up a lot our energy will keep going up in price until 2024. We will have a fake alien invasion in 2024. I have seen videos of their holographic progression and it is truly amazing. They were supposed to have achieved their goal by 2022. Now it is 2024 and agenda 21 has become Agenda 2030. We are clearly pushing them back and we have made many victories most of the top of the pyramid that they get their instructions from have gone forever; the war has been over since 2013 but certain loose canons decided to try to gain power by making it up as they went along they are just people and they are minions who won’t go quietly into the night. As they have made war on the people of the world in the most cowardly way there should be no court for them this is a war we and we have the right to protect ourselves in a war; also the natural laws say we can only kill to protect the innocent I would say they have earned the right to be shot on sight as they have made their intentions perfectly clear with their continued attack on us all . They are a danger and an enemy to the people and all life forms on the planet. They need to be gone long before their warped alien crap in 2024.

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