🚹Urgent Alert🚹POSSIBLE LEVEL 5 LOCKDOWN In Australia And Canada At The End Of August!!

Also See: 🚹’ALPHABET’ Agencies – “When Everything You Know Is A Lie, We Will Have Succeeded” William Casey – CIA Director🚹 – Fear Is Being Used As A Control Mechanism – There Is NO Covid 19 – There Is NO Pandemic – There Is A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine That Is Being Used In A Covert Global Depopulation Program!! (Irrefutable Proof Below) https://wp.me/p19seq-dAc

NOTE: This Information Comes From A Reliable Source But Is Not 100% Confirmed – If It Is True Forewarned Is Forearmed!!

6 thoughts on “🚹Urgent Alert🚹POSSIBLE LEVEL 5 LOCKDOWN In Australia And Canada At The End Of August!!

  1. I have heard from a source that there is going to be a big offensive in the autumn? Could this be something to do with that? Last year in UK we were going to be getting a lock down of this kind and there were leaked documents if you remember saying that all unvaccinated people would be forced to wear arm bracelets then something happened and they backed off and stopped the lock downs but the vaccine roll goes on. OMG! I am just going to be hoping that the army is going to be protecting the people of Canada and Australia and not attacking them. We will Know soon enough. Best get prepared for that ASAP. You can actually feel the calm before the storm.


      • Darrel it was a suggestion that it is going to be an offensive from our side. But this lock down thing. I hope any of these soldiers considering working for that mad scum understand that these generals made 17.50% profit per head on every vaccine they ordered these soldiers to take . These lop the loop generals need to be picked up and stopped from plotting against us all and getting the army doing their dirty work. Do you now what that Lock down in Canada and OZ is all about Darrel and who is ordering it?


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