VACCINE “MISINFORMATION” MYTHOLOGY – There Will Be Another Fake Virus And Endless Hoax Pandemics Unless Humanity Comes To Understand That VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST!! – The Former Dr Samantha Bailey (Medical Licence Revoked For Speaking Truth)

Also See: Governments Lied To You And Controlled You With The Covid Hoax See “Covid Is Not A Public Health Situation, This Is Not Even A Science Situation. “This Is A Case Of Murder. Not A Case Of Disease, Or Pandemic, This Is A Case Of Murder And The People Currently Committing This Crime Wear Lab Coates, If They Wore Anything Else We Would Call Them Murderers, Right Now We Call Them Doctors”!! – Dr David Martin

The Very Basic Premise And Nature Of Medicine Must Change From The Proven False Germ And Virus Theory To Natural Healing Medicine That Actually Works And Which Was Demonised By Rockefeller When He Found That He Could Not Make As Much Profit From It As He Could From The Allopathic Drugs And Vaccines. Drugs Only Treat The Symptoms And NEVER The Cause Of The So Called Illness!! The Entire Medical Curriculum Is Designed By Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels! (No Conflict Of Interest There!)

Link To Dr Tess Lauries Full Report Proving That The Covid Shot IS NOT SAFE: Website: