They’re Lying Right To OUR Faces – The Solution To The Global Manipulation And Tyranny Is Simple, STOP Complying And The Tyranny Ends!! Populations Have Always Ended Tyranny This Way!! – David Icke  

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5 thoughts on “They’re Lying Right To OUR Faces – The Solution To The Global Manipulation And Tyranny Is Simple, STOP Complying And The Tyranny Ends!! Populations Have Always Ended Tyranny This Way!! – David Icke  

  1. They’re Lying Right To OUR Faces – The Solution To The Global Manipulation And Tyranny Is Simple, STOP Complying And The Tyranny Ends!! Populations Have Always Ended Tyranny This Way!! – David Icke   — Truth To Power – Life, Death and all b

  2. Sources say that Humans have now became whole human beings again and thus from this month we have a better connection to the creator/God/source. This will help a lot with awakening. Yes of course David is right about frequencies from non human sources and frequencies in general can affect biological life that is why they can bring disease using AI frequencies that can change the mood activate disease and even kill people. A lot of these Malevolent forces have left the planet and the portholes are closed that has weakened the shadow governments because they cannot call upon these forces to help them to achieve power and wealth in the usual ways but that is not stopping them from trying they are still spraying us like bugs and trying to use AI to accomplish their evil agenda as well as Avatars media disinformation chemtrails bad medicine food and water . We must work on our courage to get past negative thoughts and fear when we do that we can face up and face off these forces by using our intelligence and our intuition to reason out that we have the power. I always think that nothing can be worse than to be under the control of these people to not be able to think your thoughts make your choices and use your God given will to charge you on to better things. An open mind is very important you cannot decipher and weigh things up if you are just going to dismiss everything you hear. I have a friend who says I am sending her more of these dodgy stories when I send her information. She just dismisses everything. I have always listened to what David Icke was saying I think he is a very intelligent informed man. The people in power responsible to enacting everything this evil force wanted in order to gain power and wealth must be picked up arrested and brought to justice. People will have a better chance of opening their minds if we can get to them on mass – currently the truth is being censored and that is the biggest battle to get it out there to snap them out of their compliant programming once the light is switched on they can no longer be fooled or manipulated that is when the mind does open and the truth will find them. They are spraying us like bugs to get the nanobots and metals into our body so that they can connect to AI to hack in and control us. However ;the timeline has changed and they are having a very frustrating time using the new computer system which can now tell a persons intentions and refuses to work for them. We are going into a new age of getting a clearer link to God our creator. Empower yourself with education and decide that you will let nothing stop you from being the best that you can be; and doing the right thing which is to defend everything that is good in life . There is so much to learn and so much going on that you cannot see but you will if you instruct yourself that to want to. What you will is what will come about. Do what thy will is not right if you are not responsible and mindful of others. Following that discipline makes all the difference in the world. It is the key to happiness and harmony. That is what empowers not laying down to this evil. God bless all.


    • Rachel, all of earths governments have been captured. The Draco Reptilian are in control. As it said in my post that most people just cannot believe. We have the technology to take ET home. Benevolent ETs are working with us, however, they need us to refuse to comply with the tyranny. I am a part of an intelligence service that is working with them, as did my father before me. The Draco Reptilian have underground bases on every continent. This tyranny will end when, and only when humanity refuses to comply to comply with it!


      • Thank you for your reply Darrell. Yes I know that, but sources are saying that many of them have left the planet and benevolent forces have been destroying their underground basis and that is continuing on. And yes I am agreeing it is very important not to comply on mass. But as awakened people we need to find ways to help them to awaken so that they will get out of their compliant programming caused by the media/TV. We are all doing a good job but it is not reaching enough people fast enough we need to reach Billions to help them understand how important it is not to comply. I mean I do know that from the start deals were done with those Draco’s to keep them staying underground and that was that governments kidnapped children to give them to eat alive. But if this non compliance is the antidote we need to reach more people as fast as possible to make conditions impossible for these Draco’s to exist and for their Avatars to be believed because there is no debate happening – these creatures live off our loosh which is why we re being constantly threatened by the media to make us negative and fearful. Sadly too many people do not know we are in a war they know nothing about it so the solution is that more effective and far reaching information must be used . Allowing these avatars to keep fronting this in public and making laws to enforce the unacceptable and terrifying the public is needing addressed that is why we must pick them up and put our people in there don’t you think; if we want people not to comply they must be informed in a way that they can relate to and believe . Turn the tables and use the TV that programmed them to DE-programme them. Sadly they all do what everyone else does are prompted by the TV and most people do what the government says because they are programmed to, so how do we DE programme . I would say we use a more uncensored effective far reaching media like television and it is the Masonic Satanists that are standing in the way of that..


      • Yes!! Humanity is programmed by repeating the same lies over and over. And the way to deprogram the people is by giving them the truth that is irrefutable over and over.


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