🚨Prison Planet Earth🚨 – The Indoctrination And Manipulation Of Global Humanity!!

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From the day we are born we are indoctrinated and manipulated into a Global system of control by an unseen force. This is why those of us who are still able to critically think and can see through the propaganda and lies have such difficulty explaining their indoctrination to those who have no knowledge of it. For The last Seven Thousand Years the entirety of humanity has been manipulated and indoctrinated by an unseen extraterrestrial force, the Draco Reptilians, who have recently taken control of every government on our planet. The Reptilian Are An AI Species And Have Nano bots In Their Blood Stream That Maintain Them And Repair Any Injuries. The Earth Is Known Throughout The Universe As A Prison Planet Due To The Draco Manipulation. The Hoax Pandemic Was Orchestrated By The Draco In Order To Depopulate Humanity Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine To Make Way For Their Species resulting in…………….

William Mills Tompkins Naval Intelligence Disseminator Final Warning To Humanity!! Bill Fought This Evil Manipulation Until The Age Of 92, Others Have Taken up The Fight, Join Us!!

Dr Steven Greer Speaks On Extraterrestrial Invasion And Visitation And The Technology Cover Up And Underground Bases. 

On March 13th 1997 Our World Was Invaded By A Hostile Alien Force And Repelled!! And They Have Returned Again And Are Currently In Control Of Our Governments!!

The Video Below Was Made Possible Due To The Brave Men And Women Of The Covert Intelligence Alliance Working With Benevolent ET Groups And The Secret Space Program Championing The Peoples Right To Know The Truth!!


Corey Goode Secret Space Program Participant And William Tompkins NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Disseminator Expose That ALL Of Our information, Text Books, Physics. Medicine And Even Our Christian Religions Are Full Of Disinformation This Disinformation Was Carried Out By The Draco Reptilian Species.(See: Woman Meets Jesus Face to Face in Heaven Just One Small Problem……Jesus Is NOT The Son Of God, And He Was Never Crucified. According To A 1500 Y/O Bible That Was Authenticated Recently That Contained The Gospel Of Barnabas Stating That Jesus Was A Prophet https://wp.me/p19seq-d2g )

William Tompkins talks about The Vril

Humanity Is Very Fortunate To Have Many Benevolent Extraterrestrials That Are Here To Assist Humanity In Standing Along Side Us To Save Our World From This Genocide. They Only Require one Thing From Us, We Must Refuse To Comply With This Hoax Pandemic Medical Tyranny, In Order For Them To Render Assistance We Are Required To Do This One Thing. It Is A Cosmic Law.. Any Person That Is Aware Of The Democide (Murder By Government Pathogen Vaccines And Does Not Alert Their Friends And Loved Ones Is Complicit In Their Death!

Our Benevolent Extra Terrestrial Family Would Love To Solve All Of Our Problems, Swoop Down And Remove All The Fascist Tyrants From Our World!! (But, If They Did That (like many of our politicians have promised to do, and instead our politicians have enslaved and manipulated humanity with false promises and lies!) WHEN WOULD HUMANITY EVER LEARN TO FREE THEMSELVES? Allow me to Illustrate What I mean………. Society Must Grow Morally And Scientifically At An Equal Pace Otherwise If A Technology Is Given To A Civilisation That Is Not Morally And Scientifically Advanced At The Same Rate, Manipulation Of The Many By The Few For Political And Personal Gain Will Occur, Just As It Is In Human Society NOW!! The Devine Spark Of The True Creator Resides In All Of Humanity, It Is Our Creators Gift! He Has Bestowed On Each And Every One Of Us The Power To Free Ourselves From Any Tyranny. All That Is Required Is That We ALL Refuse To Comply With The Fascist Edicts And Freedom Is Ours!!

We Are All Immortal Spiritual Beings, Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, All That Has Ever Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience! And The Devine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us. There Is NO Death, Our Bodies Have A Cycle, When We Leave Our Bodies We Begin Our New Life, There Is No Judgement No Sin, No Heaven No Hell, They Are Manufactured Lies To Keep Us Living In Fear!! When We Leave Our Bodies A Choice Is Provided To Us Of What Our Next Life Will Be, Many People Who Have Left This Life Temporarily, Been Pronounced Clinically Dead And Then Have Been Resuscitated Have Confirmed This. We Are All A Part Of The True Creator Who Is A Pure Energy Of Unconditional Loving Consciousness. Fake Religions Are A Manipulating Control Systems That Promote Fear, They Want Us To Be God Fearing?? Why Would You Fear A Loving God That Created You With Unconditional Love? The Bible Was Written By The Catholic Church Not By God, And Just Recently A 1500 Year Old Bible Was Found That has Been Authenticated By The Catholic Church Authorities. It Contains The Gospel Of Barnabas And States That Jesus Is Not The Son Of God, Nor Was He Crucified. But As All Men ARE. He Was ‘A SON OF GOD!!’  And He Was A Prophet!!  No One Is Coming To Save Us, Least Of All These Fascist Pedophile Politicians. All Religion Was Created To Keep Humanity On Its Knees In Prayer To A False God That Requires You Live In Fear Of His False Wrath! We Were Created With The Power To Save Ourselves!  The Devine Power Of Our Saviour Resides In All Of Us!! ”Unconditional Love Is The Only True Reality Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion.” 

Unfortunately So Many People Are Not Ready To Be Unplugged From Their Manufactured Indoctrinated Belief System To The Extent That their Loved Ones And Friends Abuse Them, Call Them Crazy And Idiots, And Refuse To Associate With Them. When They Are Presented With The Truth Of Their Programmed Reality. My personal experience Has Been Particularly Painful, When I Attempted To Warn My Daughter About The Pathogenic Fake Depopulation Agenda Vaccine, I Was Blocked By Her On All Social Media, And All My Correspondence Was Stopped, And My Daughter Even Changed Her Last Name To That Of Her Stepfather!! Every One Of My Friends, Save One Have Deserted Me, One Of Them Even Threatened To Report Me To The Police If I Kept Lying And Harassing Him!! I Imagine Millions Of Others Have Had The Same Rejection. Don’t Give Up Keep Fighting The Damn Evil, WE WILL PREVAIL!!

Millions Have Died At The Hands Of The Criminal Psychopaths That Are Carrying Out This Depopulation Agenda, Using The Fake Vaccine Pathogen Agenda, And No Doubt Millions More Will Die Unless The People Actually View The Irrefutable Proof Posted Above Just Below This Post Title! The Indoctrinated False Belief System Has Been Implanted So Deeply That Many Refuse To View The Documented Proof. Humanity Is Involved In A War Between Good And A Level Of Evil That Can Barely Be Imagined. I Believe That It Is A War That WE Will Win!

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