URGENT GLOBAL ALERT: The War On Humanity Is Accelerating At A Rapid Pace – Weather Wars✅ Government Democide Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine✅ The World Health Organisation Under The Leadership Of The Acknowledged Terrorist Tedros (see below)Has Global Control Of World (Death) Health✅

See: BREAKING: GLOBAL GOVERNMENT CROWNED: World Economic Forum and The Corporate Criminal Group The World Health Organisation Meetings In Switzerland Have Authorised The Fascist Criminal Tedros TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY!!  https://wp.me/p19seq-d3t

Also See:BREAKING BOMBSHELL NEWS: The Covid Lie Is Nothing Less Than A Premeditated Crime Of Murder!! We Now Have The Documented Proof – Dr David E Martin  https://wp.me/p19seq-d17

This Brave Mothers Stand Against The Burgeoning Global Fascist Tyranny Is An Inspiration To All Of Humanity

Human Harvest – The Total Destruction Of Human Society Into A Global Dystopian Police State – Its Happening Now!!

William Tompkins NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Disseminator s Final Warning To Humanity!

ALL Of Our Global Governments Have Been Captured By A Deep State Shadow Global Government That Is In Turn Under The Control Of The Draco Reptilian Species Who Have Been Manipulating Humanity Behind The Scenes For Seven Thousand Years!

There Is A Long Standing Agreement Between Our Captured Governments And The Draco Reptilians That Allows Them To Abduct One Million People Every Year To Be Used As Slave Labour, And A Food Source (we are a part of their diet) Children Are Highly Prised Delicacy! In Return The Draco Provide Advanced Technology!

Below You Will Find An Infrared Video Taken From A Russian Special Forces Helicopter Of A Russian Soldier Who Became Separated From His Group, And Is Under Attack By Draco Reptilians Who Tear Him Limb From Limb!!

Message For Dr Steven Greer: Your Egregious Assault On Corey Goode Who Is An Active Member Of The Secret Space Program And The Alliance Between The Benevolent ETs And The Space Program That Has Operated For Over Seventy (70) Years, By Asserting That There Are No Bad ETs When Our Global Governments Are Currently Under Their Control, And Their Bases Can Be Found Underground In Every Country Exposes You As The Controlled Opposition Government Mouthpiece That You Have Become!