Toddlers Unable to Speak or Play Properly Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns And The Pathogenic Bioweapon Posing As A Vaccine!!! Therapists Unable To Keep Up With Demand!!

Also See: Bombshell: Sars Cov 2 Patents Were Filed In The Early 1990s By A Group Of Criminals In The CDC And Other Places Who Want To See Humanity Turned Into Something Replaceable, With A Series Of Automaton’s That Never Ask Or Answer Or Inquire Into Things! By Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine – One Other Small Detail, Sars Cov 2 DOESN’T EXIST!! – Dr David Martin

Childs Mind Destroyed By Humanities Failure To Take A Stand Against Psychopaths!!!

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Oh, You Still Refuse To Stand Up For Your Loved Ones And Grandchildren? This plus the floride in the drinking water….the WEF, UN and WHO will get exactly the future they want….the dumbing down of a whole generation creating a future of a sick and uneducated society totally dependent on them.

And Noooooo, Im Not Stupid, Or An Idiot, Or Crazy, Just A Few Of The Insults That Have Been Hurled At Me Personally By My Family And Others Who Are Either Brainwashed, Cowards, Afraid To Go Against Popular BS Opinions Because Of FEAR, (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real) ……Or They’re Waiting For The Same Sick Psychopath Who Is A Part Of The Depopulation Program To Save Them, Bloody Pitiful!!

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Therapists and charities have expressed fears about a sharp decline in speech and motor skills, with referrals for language therapy doubling. Speech and language therapy sessions are provided to children (and adults) to help them communicate.

Unable to Keep Up

Kamini Gadhok, the chief executive of the RCSLT, told the Telegraph that its members were “very worried” about the number of toddlers struggling with communication and that its member therapists are unable to keep up with demand.

“The bigger the gap by the time the child is five, the more difficult it is to close,” she said. Gadhok warned that without early intervention, those children are far more likely to suffer emotional and behavioural problems.

Assessments showed that one in five children are not meeting expected standards by the age of two-and-a-half, with thousands likely to need help such as speech and language therapy.

In The Conversation, Yvonne Wren, founder and director of ChildSpeech wrote that masks “obscure facial expression, which contributes to how we understand the meaning behind the words we hear. When this is taken away, not only is the potential for misunderstanding (and mislearning) increased but there can also be an impact on children’s development of social and emotional skills.”

Oh, And One Other Small Problem With Mask Wearing……..They Cause Brain Damage And Death!

URGENT HEALTH WARNING: TOP ‘MEDICAL OFFICIALS’ ISSUE WARNING AGAINST WEARING A MASK – Dr Kelly Victory Trauma And Emergency Physician With A Specialty In Disaster Preparedness And Response And The Management Of Mass Casualty Events Explains : The CDC The WHO And The New England Journal Of Medicine Admit That Wearing A Mask And Social Distancing Has No Scientific Justification And Causes Irreparable Brain Damage And Lung Cancer. 

I’m Really Not Expecting The Majority Of Humanity To Take A Stand Due The Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine That Actually Passes The Blood Brain Barrier And Destroys The Ability To Think Critically, Removes The Ability To Reason. Humanity Has Lost Its Voice, Thousands Have Viewed My Post, But Only One Person Has Voiced Their Outrage, A Woman Whose Mother Was MURDERED By The Insane Fake Covid Hospital Protocols!! For Gods Sake All You Have To Do IS JUST REFUSE TO COMPLY AND THIS NIGHTMARE ENDS!!!

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  1. What has been done to the children with this crime against humanity and all the very evil and humiliating psychological warfare is the most bitter pill of all to take. I really am very concerned about this. It is deeply frustrating to see that so many parents are not educating themselves to be able to take the correct action that will protect their children; but frankly most of it is just common sense. That is supposed to be common but these days that appears not to be the case from what we are seeing. God help those kids if those parents do not wise up.


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