BREAKING BOMBSHELL NEWS: The Covid Lie Is Nothing Less Than A Premeditated Crime Of Murder!! We Now Have The Documented Proof – Dr David E Martin

Bombshell: Sars Cov 2 Patents Were Filed In The Early 1990s By A Group Of Criminals In The CDC And Other Places Who Want To See Humanity Turned Into Something Replaceable, With A Series Of Automaton’s That Never Ask Or Answer Or Inquire Into Things! By Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine – One Other Small Detail, Sars Cov 2 DOESN’T EXIST!! – Dr David Martin

The Level Of Psychopathic Evil That Has Been Unleashed Upon Our World Beggars Belief! The Much Touted Flu Propaganda Is How Your Body Heals Itself!!

See. The highlighted Supreme Court decision especially the part referring to your lawful right to refuse medical treatment that includes the wearing of a mask or receiving a vaccine or an unlawful rule to social distance.