JUST UN-FREAKIN’- BELIEVABLE – Trump Supporters Have Stockholm Syndrome, Applauding Their Own Euthanasia And Enslavement?? (see below)

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One thought on “JUST UN-FREAKIN’- BELIEVABLE – Trump Supporters Have Stockholm Syndrome, Applauding Their Own Euthanasia And Enslavement?? (see below)

  1. Sadly people in the truth movement were led down the garden path with disinformation about Trump being a saviour. If you do research into Trump you will find that he takes his orders from the black sun, he is very hungry for power he is part of the deep state and born into it. Trump and Biden are both deep state and Kushner is Q – (Rothchild Kushner) this was all a psyop the usual choice of 2 sides was put up on the world stage to fool you – the game well established in their play book. Trump died over a year ago of amplified cancer so Biden and Trump are not the originals wake up; that is no matter because they are just front men bringing in and selling the WEF NWO agenda and you are all being lied to and played. That whole system is the beast system; they put their agents in there to make you think that you have a choice; you don’t it is all set up so that they win every time. Now if you are able to overlook the fact that Trump gave the money to Gates foundation to pay for the bioweapon vaccine and set it going at warp speed which has killed and maimed so many people – you have no discernment and much worse no moral conscience. Because you like Trump you are prepared to let that go! You think that is right ?! Unbelievable It is the art of war I hear you say because that is what you were told – yes it is the art of war against you – THEY ARE KILLING THE PEOPLE AND HE HAS VETOED IT! You are also not awake you are looking for a saviour in a man you are not doing your research and you have joined a cult and refuse to keep searching for truth if it will topple the saviour and show him up for what he truly is . Still think that you are awake … I was confused about Trump to but as soon as he was willing to pay for promote and veto those waxxines and I saw that he was a winking occult signing man showing that he was part of the Lucifarian deep state masonic secret society right in my face . I really looked into what he was about and I realised we had all been tricked. As for him saving trafficked children he was never involved in that – there are people doing this kind of work but Trump was not. More lies !

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