🚨The Manipulation And Subjugation Of Humanity🚨 By The Deep State – And Other Unseen Forces – Or, Everything You Think You Know Just Isn’t So!!

For Thousands Of Years Humanities Belief In Our Creator Has Been Manipulated, Engineered Into A Control System That Would Have Us Believe That God Created Us To Be On Our Knees Worshipping Him And Obeying Him And His Commands? And If We Violate Any Of His Rules We Would Burn In The Fires Of Hell??? And That When We Died We Would Face His Judgement? Also That Jesus Christ Was Condemned To Be Crucified So That We Would be Forgiven For Our Sins???

Dr Zack Bush An ER Physician Describes His Experience With Patients Who Were Clinically Dead And Where Brought Back From Beyond The Veil, And There Were People From Many Walks Of Life. That All Made The Same Statement And Asked The Same Question Of Dr Bush…….”Why Did You Bring Me Back? It Was Just An Incredible Experience, There Was No Judgement, Just Total Acceptance Of Who I Was And Unconditional Love. I Did Not Stand Before An Inquisitor Who Was Supposed To As Me Questions So That It Would be Decided Whether I Could Go To Heaven Or Burn In Hell, there Was Just Acceptance And A Feeling Of Uncondirional Love!

The Truth Is THERE IS NO DEATH, Thats Another Twisted Tale Designed To Keep Us Living In Fear Of Something That Doesn’t Exist. “The Divine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us, We Are A Part Of Our Creator Who Is Pure Loving Consciousness, Humanity Is More Powerful Then We Could Ever Imagine. The Divine Spark Of The REAL Creator Resides In All Of Us. We Were Given This Spark So That If We Were Threatened By Psychopaths Who Wanted To Take Our God Given Freedoms We Would Get Of Our Knees And Fight Back Against The Evil! Do You Really Want To Be A God Fearing Man Or Woman? Why Would You Fear A Loving Creator? Why Would You Give Credence To A False Religious Control System Of Pure Dogma That Wants You To Be A God Fearing Man? Why Would You Want To Live In Fear Of A Loving God?? Religion Is A Just Another Tool Of Control! The True Creator Is Pure Consciousness And Infinite Awareness And We Are A Fragment Of That Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. There is NO DEATH, No Heaven Or Hell, No Sin!! That Is A Part Of The Malicious Religious Dogma Meant To Keep Us Living In Fear!! When Our Bodies Reach The End Of Their Cycle We Leave Them To Explore The Universe, And We Have A choice of What We Want To Become or Do In Our Next Life! ‘The Only True Reality Is Unconditional Love, Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion! How Do I Know This To Be True? I Was Informed By A Benevolent ET Being That Is A Part Of The Alliance Of The Secret Space Program And Is Among Humanity At This Time To Assist Us.

All Of Our Knowledge Base Is Corrupted And False – William Tompkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief

William Tomkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief And Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider Reveal The Truth That Has Been Kept From Mankind For Many Decades. Our History, Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Text Books, Religion, Physics, Education System Are Full Of Disinformation. The People Who Will Be Most Impacted By This Fact Are Religious People And Scientists. 

Ninety Five Percent (95%) Of Our Life Is Ruled By The Program – Public Education, A Rockefeller Corporate Criminal Programming Initiative!!

Our Perception Of Reality Is Controlled By A Globalist Cabal  Disinformation And Propaganda Agenda From Cradle To Grave By Their Mouthpiece The Mainstream Media And The Public Education Indoctrination System, Which Doesn’t Teach How To Think, But What To Think! – David Icke

I Understand That Many People Because Of Their Programming, Much Of Which Involves Subliminal Messaging Via Mainstream Media, Another Form Of DARPA Mind Control, The Indoctrination Camp That Is The Public Education System. Where You Are Not Taught How To Think Critically, But WHAT To Think! So many Of You Are Not Ready To Be Unplugged From The Lies And Manipulations Of The System, So Many Are So Dependant On The System Of Slavery That You Will Fight To Save It! But If You Do Not Stand Up NOW And Just Refuse To Comply With The Democide And Fascist Tyranny NOW, Your Children And Your Grandchildren Will Have NO Future! People And Governments Don’t Have Power Over Us, We Give It To Them!! Stop Acquiescing To Your Own Demise!