“Vaccines” Are Delivering Payloads For Mass Genocide And Dehumanisation! – Dr. Jane Ruby

Also See: Shedding, Vaccines And Graphene Machines – No Virus Has Ever Been Shown To Exist! So Why Are We Accepting These DNA Altering Pathogenic Vaccines? Those Of Us That Haven’t Been Murdered By The Pathogen Fake Vaccine Are Hoping The Psychopaths Will Go Away? And We Wont Have To Deal With It Or Maybe Some Criminal Fascist Leader Will Save Us? – DR Samantha Bailey https://wp.me/p19seq-cBW

How Much Longer Will The Human Family Continue To Allow This Damn Evil To Continue! This Ends When WE End It!! People And Governments Don’t Have Power Over Us, We Give It To Them!! Stop Acquiescing To Your Own Demise!

To Sum Up…..The vast majority of humanity are suffering from post-traumatic stress, having been terrorized, gaslighted, threatened, bullied, and otherwise systematically mindfucked by their governments, the media, and “health authorities” on a daily basis for the past two years, and we’re all exhausted and at each other’s throats, and many of our businesses and incomes have been ruined, and inflation is spiraling out of control, and a lot of us are still being gratuitously demonized, segregated from society, banned from traveling, and forced to submit to invasive procedures and wear medically-pointless symbols of ideological conformity on our faces. The Almost Unbelievable Truth is that humanity has been manipulated by an unseen force for the last seven thousand years! And NO, its not a damn conspiracy theory, its a fact! Details in tomorrows post!