How An Obsession With SAFETY Leads To Mental Illness And Tyranny!

Religion Is A Control System Of Pure Dogma That Wants You To Be A God Fearing Man? Why WouldYou Want To Live In Fear Of A Loving God?? Religion Is A Tool Of Control! The True Creator Is Pure Consciousness And Infinite Awareness And We Are A Fragment Of That Consciousness And Infinite Awareness. There is NO DEATH, No Heaven Or Hell, No Sin!! That Is A Part Of The Malicious Religious Dogma Meant To Keep Us Living In Fear!! When Our Bodies Reach The End Of Their Cycle We Leave Them To Explore The Universe, And We Have A choice of What We Want To Become or Do In Our Next Life! ‘The Only True Reality Is Unconditional Love, Everything Else Is A Manufactured Illusion!

The Entire Human Knowledge Base Is Full Of Misinformation. Humanity Has Been Manipulated By An Unseen Force For Over Seven (7) Thousand Years.