There Is NO VIRUS – The Latest Proof – David Icke

Also See: Viruses Don’t Exist,Have Never Existed, PROVEN FACT!! (see below)So Why The Hell Are People Complying With Government Mandates, Etc, Etc Etc!! IF THERE ARE NO VIRUSES, WHY DO WE NEED ISOLATION, VACCINES, LOCKDOWNS?? WE DON’T !!!!!!!!! JUST REFUSE TO COMPLY!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!! TYRANNY ENDED!!!

One thought on “There Is NO VIRUS – The Latest Proof – David Icke

  1. Good morning

    The answer to this question is simple. The last 2 years the governments ALL OVER THE WORLD have conditioned people
    Into being scared to death of Covid. People I know that never fully trusted governments now think they are and have been
    Doing an excellent job at protecting the people and will not listen to anything else.

    The great reset will happen and people will not even complain because they think its for the benefit of the world, people are already
    Saying that life will never be the same so they are ready for anything in the future and will accept it unconditionally. Yes more
    People are starting to stand up but in my heart I don’t feel there are enough of us to make a change, I pray I am wrong.

    I am not anyone supper smart but I can see that there is more to this then we have been told, its plain clear how every country
    Is doing the exact same thing at the same time, how that does not stir curiosity I cannot believe.




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