Croatian EU MP Tells The Fake Pathogen Vaccine Truth To French President Macron!!! Murder Is Murder, Millions Have Died!!!! And Is Promptly Dismissed As The Fascist Moderator Cries NEXT….

Also See: ACTUAL PROOF VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST!!! Worldwide Freedom Of Information Requests From Health Authorities And Governments Regarding Isolation Of Sars-Cov-2 VIRUS REVEALS THE TRUTH (THAT THERE IS NO VIRUS!) 🤬The Whole World Has Been Turned Upside Down, Millions Have Died And Suffered For A Pandemic That Simply Doesn’t Exist🤬

Millions of views of my speeches in the EP show how much the politicians in power in many countries have betrayed their own citizens, science and common sense. It’s my pleasure that, in addition to the citizens of Croatia, I can also represent millions of you around the world.