By The Way…. There’s Still No ‘Virus’ – The Entire Covid Scamdemic And The Existence Of Viruses Completely Destroyed! – David Icke

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Germ Theory Covid19 And Pandemics Complexly Debunked

A Little Bird Informed Me That Certain Visiting Benevolent Entities Are Assisting Humanity In Ending The Fascist Tyranny And Genocide!!

Benevolent Ets And Secret Space Program Alliance Troops Prepare To Depart Aboard The ET MotherShip To End The Draco Reptilian Threat And Fascist Tyranny On Earth.

NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Secret Space Program Intelligence Disseminator William Tompkins Issues Warning To Humanity.

This Is An infrared Video Taken From A Russian Military Helicopter Coming To The Rescue Of One Of Their Soldiers Who Became Separated From His Platoon And Came To Close To A Draco Reptilian Underground Base.

Image Of Draco Reptilian Alongside SSP Alliance Personnel The Draco Have Powerful Telepathic Ability And Are Able To Appear To Humanity As Human.

Intercepted Message From The Whitehouse To The Pentagon In Early 2020

There Are NO Individual Countries Anymore, This IS A Global Assault Against Collective Humanity. Everyone Must Rise Against This Assault. This Is A Global Takeover By An Alien Force That Has Manipulated Humanity For Many Years, Now Manipulating Global Governments By Forcing Governments To Mandate A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine For A Non Existent Pandemic To Depopulate Our Earth And Establish Total Spectrum Dominance Of Our World. SEE ABOVE: William Tompkins (NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Disseminator Final Warning To Humanity Just Prior To His Recent Passing.

The Only Action Humanity Has To Take Is………..Simply Refuse To Comply With The Fascist Tyranny!!! Tyranny Is Never Imposed It Is Always Acquiesced To!!