Man Denied Food At The Farmer’s Market In Toronto For Being UNVACCINATED (ie) Not Wanting To Submit To Death By A Proven Pathogen Fake Vaccine That Has Taken the Lives Of Millions!

Also See: BREAKING ALERT: Leaked Documents Reveals Global Governments Treason Against Humanity! – THE DOCUMENT STATES THAT THERE IS NO VIRUS, IT IS COMPUTER GENERATED ONLY!! EGREGIOUS ABUSES – PERMANENT LOCK DOWNS COMMENCING AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2021 USING FORCE – DEBORAH TAVARES (please share everywhere so that people will understand what is real in their world of manufactured illusions)

This So Called Legislation Is A Total Fraud!! It Is In Violation Of The Nuremberg Code, The Geneva Convention And Every Recognised Human Right!!

What The Covid Vaccine Really Is….A Pathogen

Dr David Martin, Dr Judy Mikovits PhD Microbiologist And Robert F Kennedy Jr Expose The Covid Vaccine As A Poisonous Pathogen!

This Fascist Tyranny That Humanity Has Allowed To Emerge Will End When We End It!!