Totalitarians And Their Obedient Enablers – Humanities Slavish Submission To Authoritarian Fascist Rules Is Enabling Mass Genocide

Also See: A Message To Those Deluded Souls Who Still Believe That The Government Is Going To Save Them From A So Called Virus That Does Not Exist?? ALL Of Our Captured Governments Are Culling The Population With The Vaccine Bioweapon! FACT!! “VACCINATED” VICTIMS SPEAK OUT (DEC 2021 COMPILATION) Wake The Hell UP People!!

LINK TO VIDEO:—Their-Enablers!:d

There Is A Global Depopulation Agenda Genocide Occurring NOW Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine To Usher In A Fascist Totalitarian Global State And A Full Spectrum Dominance Of Humanity

THEY WERE PROUD TO BE VACCINATED…Now They Are Just Another Statistic  In The VAERS Vaccine Death And Injury Reporting System. PLEASE SHARE!