Humanity Has Been Programmed And Manipulated For Thousands Of Years By An Unseen Force Which Is Now In Control Of Our Government’s!!

Behavioural Psychologists Are Gaming The Entire Human Race With This Manufactured, Computer Generated Covid Hoax. And This Is Why This Global Fascist Tyranny Is Occurring………*NOTE* EVERYTHING IN THIS POST HAS DOCUMENTED PROOF TO BACK IT UP!!

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William Tompkins NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer Final Warning To Humanity That Outlines The Manipulation Of Humanity By The Draco Reptilians For Over Six Thousand Years.

Everything That You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie, Misinformation. As William Points Out, There Are No Longer Sovereign Countries On Earth, The Draco Reptilians Are Controlling Every Country On Earth Via The Deep State Who Are In Turn Controlling All Of Our Governments. The Draco Are Using A Hoax Pandemic To Lock Down the Entire Globe In Order To Obtain Full Spectrum Dominance Over Humanity. A Genocide Of Humanity Is Also Taking Place Using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine. Millions Have Died From This Pathogen, And If Humanity Doesn’t Realise That This Deception And Genocide Is Occurring, Millions More Will Die!

Proof Of The Blatant Global Government Corruption And Misinformation Programming:


Image Of Draco Reptilian Alongside SSP Alliance Personnel The Draco Have Powerful Telepathic Ability And Are Able To Appear To Humanity As Human.

Image Of Secret Space Program Benevolent ET And Human Alliance Staging Area Of Mother Ship – These People Are here To Assist Humanity In Taking Back Our World. Humanity Has Had A Secret Space Program For Over Seventy Years. A Breakaway Group From The Deep State Shadow Government Has Formed An Alliance With Benevolent ETs

Humanities Warning Message To The Unseen Shadow Government And Psychopathic Evil That Is Attempting To Destroy Humanity’s Freedoms, Rights And Independent Incomes. “Millions Of Us Are Now Aware That You Have Deployed A Hoax Pandemic And A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine To Cull The Population”