PLEASE!!! Let Me Be Really Blunt! THERE IS NO VIRUS – Governments CANNOT Even Provide Evidence Of Its Existence!! – We Are Witnessing A Takedown, Genocide, Depopulation Agenda Of Humanity – If Humanity Becomes Anymore Naive We WILL Become Extinct As A Species!! (PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY)

Behavioural Psychologists Are Gaming The Entire Human Race With This Manufactured, Computer Generated Covid Hoax. And This Is Why This Global Fascist Tyranny Is Occurring………SEE: William Tompkins (NASA Section Chief And Secret Space Program Naval Intelligence Officer) Issues Warning Of A Dire Threat To Humanity That Is Now Manifesting!! *NOTE* EVERYTHING IN THIS POST HAS DOCUMENTED PROOF TO BACK IT UP!!

OMICRON Scariant – PROOF Viruses Do Not Exist – And Neither Does Omicron (Or Is It Moronic?) This Is Obscene!! – DR. Andrew Kaufman LINK TO VIDEO:

A Powerful Message From Parents To The Genocidal Murderers In Our Deep State Captured Governments