2.1 Million Dead Already. Tens Of Millions Injured. What Part Of Vaccines Are NOT Safe And Effective Don’t You Understand?? Genocide And Mass Murder In Front Of The Eyes Of The Entire World! Mass Civil Disobedience Must Happen NOW! There Are Eight Billion Of Us And A Handful Of These Psychopaths!

The Nine Most Terrifying Words You Will Ever Hear, ”I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help”. And This Is All Being Done In The Name Of A Virus That Does Not Exist!! Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka Debunked ALL “virus” theory, including Measles and the FRAUD of “virus” photos as NOTHING MORE than Normal cellular structures and functions. “VIRUSES ARE SIMPLY DEAD CELL DEBRIS BEING CLEANSED FROM THE BODY!!” VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS Even “AIDS”, Debunked by Virologist P. Duesberg, is ONLY a Symptom Syndrome, NOT a Disease cause/ “virus”, JUST as “S.A.R.S.” is an Arbitrary Symptom Syndrome MARKETED AS the ‘covid19’ brand of the day

Also See: Also See: Powerful Expose: The COVID Treasonous Acts – There Is NO Sars Corona Virus 2 – There Is NO Covid 19!! – There Is NO Vaccine, There Is A Bioweapon – Dr David Martin https://wp.me/p19seq-bFm

LINK TO VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@Velyaminov:a/death_shot_fda:b?r=CzA8oaJjnnnQMNtCGHenPmdFAggBXZ22

What Now, What Do You Do Now That You Have Seen The Proof Do You Write To Your Local MP, March Up Up And Down The Streets Waving Banners Of Protest? Hell NO!! All These Activities Achieve Is Give You A Good Feeling. The MPs And The Governments Already Know That You Are Fed Up With The Genocide And Tyranny, And They Don’t Care, They Are The Ones Responsible For It All!! Our Global Governments Are Under The Control Of The Deep State Who Are Ushering In An Orwellian Nightmare Fascist State, Using A Fake Pandemic And A Pathogenic DNA Altering Substance Posing As A Vaccine To End Human Life As We Know It………..There Is Only One Effective Way To End This Nightmare, Mass Civil Disobedience, JUST SAY TO Their Hoax Covid Rules, That Are Not Laws, Their Rules And Tyranny Fly In The Face Of The Nuremberg Code, The Geneva Convention, And Every Other Human Right That Collective Humanity Has! There Are Eight (8) Billion Of Us And Only A Handful Of These Criminal Psychopaths!!