Let Me Be Perfectly Clear, There Is No Rule Of Law, No Remedy In Law Against Government Tyranny Save Your Refusal To Comply. There Are Billions Of Us And A Handful Of These Damn Tyrants!!  – Max Igan

For Example……Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka Debunked ALL “virus” theory, including Measles and the FRAUD of “virus” photos as NOTHING MORE than Normal cellular structures and functions. “VIRUSES ARE SIMPLY DEAD CELL DEBRIS BEING CLEANSED FROM THE BODY!!” VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS Even “AIDS”, Debunked by Virologist P. Duesberg, is ONLY a Symptom Syndrome, NOT a Disease cause/ “virus”, JUST as “S.A.R.S.” is an Arbitrary Symptom Syndrome MARKETED AS the ‘covid19’ brand of the day

Also See: Also See: Powerful Expose: The COVID Treasonous Acts – There Is NO Sars Corona Virus 2 – There Is NO Covid 19!! – There Is NO Vaccine, There Is A Bioweapon – Dr David Martin https://wp.me/p19seq-bFm

WARNING: Strong but Appropriate Language Used!

LINK TO VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@thecrowhouse:2/Remove-The-Government-And-You-Will-Be-Free:3?r=4CWjBtAbHqNT7nWXeJg8ajDVPiaDU9HX