Reptilian ‘Gods’ And Current Events – David Icke

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William Tompkins Former NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer Warns Of The Draco Reptilians Controlling All Of Earths Governments! Humanity Has Been Manipulated And Controled By The Draco Reptilians For The Last Six Thousand Years. (Source William Tompkins) So When People Say, “Oh The Government Wouldn’t Do That”! Maybe Its The Governments Being Controlled And Manipulated By These Beings To Suit An Alien Agenda? Humanity Is Being Manipulated Into Creating Its Own Fascist Orwellian State!!

William Tompkins Warning To Humanity

Russian Military Thermal Imaging Video From A Military Helicopter Of Draco Reptilians Attacking An Isolated Russian Soldier And Tearing Him Limb From Limb!