David Icke On WHO They Are and WHAT They Really Want! And How We Can Take Our World Back!!

Let me ask you something: what is your freedom worth to you?

To me it is worth everything.

The freedom to work without being forced to inject myself with a substance that I do not want in my body. The freedom to have a political opinion on the internet without being banned from banks and social networks. The freedom for my children to learn without having a disgusting and unhealthy dirty mask over their faces for eight hours a day and being told they are evil for their skin colour.

Are these freedoms worth making an effort to preserve and protect? Absolutely. If they are to you, you better start acting like it because no one is coming to save you. Not politicians. Not Presidents. Not Even God Or Jesus Christ!!

Because He Is Already Here! The Divine Spark Of The Creator Resides In All Of Us! Our Creator Formed All Of Humanity In His Image!! We Are All A Part Of Our Creator. God Does Not Want Humanity On Its Knees Praying For Help? He Wants Us To Stand Up And Refuse This Imposed Tyranny By Refusing To Acquiesce To It!! We Are All Immortal Spiritual Being, Infinite Awareness, Consciousness, All There Ever Has Been Or Will Be, Having A Human Experience!!

We Cannot Die, EVER!! When Our Body, The Vehicle That We Inhabit Reaches The End Of Its Cycle, We Leave It And Continue To Explore Forever, Forever. The Cult ‘Desperately’ Wants To Keep This Knowledge From Us And Keep Us Operating In The Five Senses!! Because Once We Become Aware Of Who And What We Really Are, It’s Game Set Match, OVER For These Evil Tyrants!! THIS ENDS WHEN WE END IT!!

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