Covert Intelligence Military Unacknowledged Special Access Spy Systems – These Futuristic Technologies MUST Be Removed From The Military Industrial Complex And Placed In The Hands Of Conscious Ethical People – It Is In The Hands Presently, Of The Worst People Possible!! – Dr Steven Greer

Also See: GLOBAL TYRANNY: QR CODES — VAXIDS — PRISON CAMPS – An Organised Conspiracy By Human Monsters That The Public Can Not Wrap Their Minds Around!! The Globalist Cabal Are Conducting A Depopulation Genocide Of Planet Earth! (See The Proof Below).

Weaponised Scaler Weapon Be Deployed Against Peaceful Visiting ET Craft. This Weapon Was Fired From The Joint Australian CIA Facility At Pine Gap Australia!!

Humanity Has Been Manipulated By An Unseen Malevolent ET Force For Over Six Thousand Years. Our Current Pandemic Is A Total Hoax!! Our Captured Globalist Governments Are Being Controlled By The Draco Reptilians Who Are Attempting To Usher In A New World Order Fascist One World Government Orwellian Nightmare, Using A Hoax Of A Non Existing Virus To Enslave And Exert Complete Spectrum Dominance Of Humanity!!

Here Is NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Disseminator William Tompkins Warning Of The Draco Reptilian Assault On Humanity

‘NOTE’ An Alliance Of Benevolent ETs And The Alliance Of The Secret Space Program Intelligence Personal Are Fighting Back Against This Takeover!!