Doctors Truly Don’t Know What Vaccines Are – Pro Vaxxers Debunk This!! – Mainstream Media Owned By Deep State – DR Suzanne Humphries

Why In The Hell Would Anyone Take A Neurotoxic Vaccine In The First Place And Especially For A Pure Unadulterated Lie Of A Disease That Has Never Been Proven To Exist!! Answer: Because Of All The Fear Porn From Our Globalist Captured Governments And Their Mouthpiece The Lying Mainstream Media, and Because Our Fascist Governments Are Running A Depopulation Program and using A Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine As Their Frontline Weapon!! FACT!!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE CRIMINAL GLOBALIST CABAL AND FASCIST GOVERNMENTS. They Are Being Used To Promote The Current Depopulation Agenda And Global Genocide By Our Globalist Cabal Captured Governments.

Mainstream Media Owned By Deep State – Cover-Up ET Presence-OSI Intelligence Officer Speaks Out.