HOW DID WE GET HERE? Humanity Falls For Lack Of Knowledge – Nature Falsely Weaponised Against Humanity – Viruses Form In The Body To Cleanse It From Toxins They Are NOT Transmittable! – We The People Have Funded An Industry That Is Hell Bent On Murdering We The People – Vaccines Are An Abomination That Have Never Prevented Any Disease – DR. DAVID E. MARTIN

The AMA (American Medical Association) Published A Paper That Stated, “ A Healthy Person Should Not Wear A Mask Because It Causes Increased Disease And Influenza!!

Dr Martin States That We Are Entering Seven Years Of Famine? As It States In The Bible. Firstly Not All Of Humanity Are Moses Wandering In The Wilderness. And Here Is proof that There Will Be A Maximum of Two!! See: ‘Project Looking Glass Technology Saw That The Great Awakening Cannot Be Stopped’, Says Military Insider. As I Have Been Saying The Outcome Is Written By Levels Of Consciousness Way Beyond The Village Idiots Of The Cult – The People Win As They Awaken To The Truth. We Are In The Darkest Days In 2021/22 And Into 23 Before Dawn Breaks And A Whole New Reality Emerges Based On Love And Freedom. Stay Strong, Don’t Submit To Tyranny – Freedom IS Coming And The ‘All-Powerful’ Cult Is In Its Last Desperate Death Throes!! ).

What The Covid Vaccine Really Is….A Pathogen

Dr David Martin, Dr Judy Mikovits PhD And Robert F Kennedy Jr Expose The Covid Vaccine Pathogen!

THEY WERE PROUD TO BE VACCINATED…Now They Are Just Another Statistic  In The VAERS Vaccine Death And Injury Reporting System. PLEASE SHARE!

The Critical facts about the Covid lie. 

These liars are destroying the very fabric of our society. These Mainstream Media liars, Aided And Abetted By Globalist Governments are destroying the very fabric of our society. The Mainstream Media Is the Mouthpiece Of The Globalist Luciferian Marxist Socialist Cabal And A Deep State CIA Operation That Is Destroying Our Lives, Families, Culture With Their Heinous Criminal Exaggeration Of The Fake Covid19 So Called Pandemic That Is Easily Proven False! 

“Social Distancing’ Is Untested Pseudoscience Particularly As It relates To Halting Of SARS-CoV-2 Virus. On Its Website The CDC Provides No Links To Any Peer-Reviewed Social Distancing That Bolster Its Official Guidance. We Have Been Conditioned To Accept Social Distancing Without Any Evidence. Governments of the world are unlawfully torturing We The People of the world.

Social Distancing Practices are also a form of Torture developed by the CIA around 70 years ago, for the purpose of breaking down the health of those considered “enemies of the state”. 


If You Tell A Lie Big Enough, Often Enough, Many Will Come To Believe It. You May Know The latest Lie As Covid19. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People.

The Tests Are Fake. There Are No Tests For Covid-19. They Are Testing For Genetic Material That Everyone Has. If You Have A Flu Shot, Or Have Ever Had The Flu You Will Test Positive For Covid-19. A Fruit, A PawPaw Tested Positive For Covid19! Seriously I’m Not Joking.

When You Wear A Mask You Breathe In Your Own Carbon Dioxide, Which Lowers Oxygen Levels, Causing Hypoxia, Irreparable Brain Damage And Respiratory Disease, And Cancer If Worn For Extended Periods, Because Cancer Thrives In An Oxygen Depleted Environment!!  Wearing A Mask Offers No Protection From ANY Virus And has No Basis In Science They Are Nothing To Do With Health And Everything To Do With Control! Humanity Must Stop Blindly Obeying Authority! Stop Acquiescing To Stupid! 

Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka 

There Is No Scientific Evidence Anywhere That A Virus Causes Disease! Viruses Form Inside The Body, And Are Used To Clean The System. The Only Way An external infection, Virus Can Enter The Body Is Via Injection, It Is the Immune System Response To An Injected Virus, Such As Those Found In Vaccines That Cause The Immune System To Respond Adversely Causing Illness And Sometimes Death! Again, The Glaring Truth To Remember Is….Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist (See Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka)