🚨BOMBSHELL🚨: Hellooooo… There IS No ‘Virus’ – And The CDC Centre For Disease Control Agrees – The CDC Admits That They Were Developing A Test While Not Having A Virus!! Because The Virus Doesn’t Exist !! – David Icke

Also See: Never Let Strangers “Reset” Your Life – The Great Reset – The Fascist Globalist Genocide Of Humanity – There Is NO Virus, NO Pandemic!! Despite The Constant Bombardment Of Lies From The Terrorist Government And Their Mouthpiece The Mainstream Media. Pandemics DO NOT Exist FACT!! And Here Is The Proof! https://wp.me/p19seq-aUB

The Scale Of The Absolutely Undiluted Evil That Is Perpetrating This Hoax Is Unbelievable!! How Many In Our Governments Are Totally Complicit In This Hoax Is Not Fully Known. We Know Of Only a Few. But Everyone Of Our Leaders Are FULLY AWARE That That The PCR Test Is A Total Fraud, So In That Way They Are All Complicit!!