AUSTRALIAN GOES SCORCHED EARTH ON THE PROPOSED COVID SHIELD – THEY LIED AND PEOPLE DIED!! COVID LIES EXPOSED – No One In Australia Has Died Or Has Become ill From Covid Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt Publicly Announces!!

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WARNING STRONG APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE!! GREG HUNT IN AUSTRALIA JUST INFORMS THE PEOPLE NO ONE HAS DIED OF CONVID-19 IN AUSTRALIA (Although I understand why this Australian is angry I do not endorse his remarks that state “If anyone says to me that people are dying from Covid I will beat them within an inch of their lives) The Families Of Those Who Suicided, Lost Their Livelihoods, And Have Been Vaccine Damaged Or Died From The Pathogen Posing As A Vaccine Might Wish To Discuss The Situation With Mr Hunt, The Prime Minister Or Their Mouthpiece The Lamestream Media?

The Globalist Fascist Australian Government Is Now In Damage Control. They Are Denying That The Health (Death) Minister Said Those Fatal Words “No One Has Become Ill Or Died From Covid19.” The Other Version Is The Tape Was Altered, And Other Fascist BS. All Too Late, The Hoax Has Been Exposed And Retribution For The Genocide Of Humanity Is At Hand!!