The Covid Hoax The Globalist PLan To Destroy The Global Economy With Unnecessary Lockdowns That Destroy Businesses, The Population Then Become Totally Dependant On The State To Survive, The State Are Now Destroying Another Burgeoning Australian Industry/Business The Gel Blaster Industry! – The John Howard Port Arthur Massacre Exposes Yet Another Government Agenda – The Total Subjugation Of Humanity To Their Fascist Dictatorship!!

See Also: Port Arthur Massacre – John Howard’s Political Agenda To Disarm The Population:

Just As Prime Minister John Howard Framed A Young Retarded Youth For The Port Arthur Massacre Who Was Sent To Prison For A Crime He Did Not Commit! Martin Bryant Is Currently Serving 35 Concurrent Life Sentences! And Now The Fascist Government Is Attempting To Destroy The Livelihoods Of Hundreds Of Australian Business Owners In The Gel Blaster Industry!! In Line With The Covid Hoax Agenda Of The Destroying The Global Economy To Have The People Totally Dependant On The State Handouts To Survive, Bastards!!

This Lying West Australian Government Police Minister Claims That Gel Blasters Can Be Modified In To A Real Firearm. That Is A Flat Out Lie!! If A Bullet Passed Through The Barrel Of A Gel Blaster The Blaster Would Explode In Their Face!! Gel Blasters Are Only Capable Of Firing Via Pressurised Gas A Gel Covered Water Pellet. They Are Harmless! This BS Propaganda Is Designed To Shut Down A Burgeoning New Australian Business And Industry In Line With The Covid Hoax Agenda Of Destroying The Global Economy!

Seriously. This PENIS Gun Is Required To Be Registered As A Firearm By Police! Our Government Have Lost Their Freaking Minds.

To Add Insult To Injury, If Your Planning To Buy A Nerf Gun That Propels Harmless Foam Tubes For Your Child This Coming Christmas, Forget It, That Has Also Become An Illegal Firearm???????

Western Australia Gel Blaster Bans: My Personal Response

Its All About Destroying Businesses And The Global Economy To Make Humanity Totally Dependant On The Now Fascist State To Survive!!

All Governments, Police, And Court Systems Are Criminal Corporate Private For Profit Entities! And Do NOT Represent The People!! See The Proof Below!!